"Ayurvedic" Neurotherapy, "Nadi Mardan Kriya" is an ancient Indian rehabilitative therapy based on the vedic principles & philosophy. This natural healing therapy deals with nerves, muscles, joints and blood & lymphatic channels. Authorities in the field believe that the body is co-ordinated by three different humors or energy forces as Vata (air) pitta (bile) and kapha(water). Neurotherapy helps in restoring and balancing the energy forces of the body that regulates the physiological equilibrium to perform better function of thebody mind spirit .

Ayurveda deals almost in all branches of medical science. ‘Nadi Vigyan’ (knowledge of nervous system) is one of them, that has developed neurotherapy thousands of years ago. Neurotherapy has always been used in ayurvedic medicine as a rehabilitative treatment known by different names. Some of the traditional names by which of ayurvedic neurotherapy is known in India, ‘Ladara’ in north India and as ‘ Kerali Massage ’ in the south. Ayurvedic Neurotherapy was re-pioneered by Mr. Lajpatrai Mehra in Bombay India. The term Neurotherapy (neuro means nadi or nerves; therapy is application), was coined in 1950’s. "Ayurvedic" Neurotherapy, places chief emphasis upon the organism’s integrity of the body’s mechanism as being the most important factor in the maintenance of health.

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