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Neurotherapy is a veritable break-through in the world of healing!

Though the therapy is a panacea for most disorders plaguing mankind, it is highly effective in treating special children - who are mentally and/or physically challenged, bringing about a substantial improvement in the quality of their life.

It has its roots in a very old therapy of ancient India, which has been revamped and revived by the efforts of Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra of Mumbai, India    Philosophy

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Neurotherapy is an alternative way of healing; it has shown some very good results in case of mentally retarded children. The main philosophy behind this science is that the flow of  blood is directed towards particularly weaker organs, thereby rejuvenating the organ over a period of time. Thus, it heals the disease without recourse to medicines. more....

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Physiotherapy Treatment:

We also provide Manual Physiotherapy to special childrens.

Diet: Our experts of Naturopathyplans your Diet according problems.




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Neurotherapy Treatment And Rehabilitation Centre, 172, New Vijay Nagar, Mahavir Marg, Near Kataria Eye Hospital, Ist First floor,  Near. Football Chowk,  Jalandhar, Punjab.

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