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The name of our Organisation is

  • To serve and help mankind by promoting and providing Neurotherapy treatment to the patients on charitable basis.
  • To promote Neurotherapy and all kinds of alternate therapies to help mankind in achieving better health.
  • To establish hospitals, medical treatment centers and such other institutions on charitable basis for providing treatment to the patients with the help of Neurotherapy and other alternate therapies.
  • To arrange for medical camps at various places and in various cities for the treatment of patients with the help of Neurotherapy and various alternate therapies.
  • To establish educational institutions, institutes, colleges etc. on charitable basis for the promotion of Neurotherapy and other alternate therapies for the students and to provide reading rooms, libraries and hostel facilities for them.
  • To arrange lectures, seminars, workshops and other programs for the proper physical, psychological and mental health of society at large.
  • To arrange for mobile hospitals, health centers, laboratories, and to arrange for ambulances.
  • To propagate health and public welfare ideas, against social evils and perverse ideas.
  • To receive grants or aid in the form of money of material for the fulfillment of the objects of the society from the Central., State Govt., Social Services organization and individuals.
  • To receTo encourage individuals and organizations for the fulfillment of the objects of the society, to create new organizations to help in the conduct or maintenance of organizations already established for the purpose and to provide economic help to them. ive membership fees and donation in the from of securities of in cash of in the form of material including moveable and immovable property.
  • To do all such acts, directly or indirectly, which may be help in the fulfillment of all or any one of the above mentioned Aims.


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+91 98151 87171

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