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Neurotherapist improves blood supply to the affected organs by applying pressure at selected point in the body of the diseased person.

The initial consultation involves taking the total health history of the patient. If necessary, a further series of questions are asked to the patient. A visual analyze is carried out by examining the eyes, color of the tongue, nails, skin, etc.

Once the verbal and visual analyze are completed, further investigation involves abdominal palpation, that’s examining the tender points. Focusing on these tender points the therapist discovers the malfunctioning of any organ(s).

based on these investigations, a final picture is drawn about the patient's condition in relation to the three biochemical forces; alkaline-acid-gas.

Dr. Mehra developed the therapy from ancient Indian techniques of massaging. He discovered various massaging techniques to cure chronic diseases by correlating the massaging technique with its affects on body. At this time, our researchers have discovered many points in the body which connected major body glands. So therefore by massaging them in some prescribed way we can eliminate the diseases.

Patient is advised not to take alcohol and non veg food. He might also be advised to avoid certain other things based on the disease.

This therapy deals with problems of the whole body rather than any specific part of the body like brain.

If the any particular organ of the patient has been removed by surgery, in that case the therapy does not give good results.

There is no time limit. Cure depends upon the condition, history and complexity of the disease. But changes can be observed in 20-30 sittings.

No sea takimata sanctus est?

- Disturbance in acid-base balance due to non-uniform functioning of both kidneys.
- Genetic disorders are due to defects/deficiencies in the mother/fetus during pregnancy
- Vitamin deficiency which is caused by poor digestion and absorption of nutrients. This can happen when the intestines are sluggish, often as a side-effect of medicines.


Hypo activity of any gland / organ (it is functioning less than normal ) Hyper activity or excessive secretion of chemicals by any gland or organ Chemicals not reaching their intended or target tissues or organs.

Reasons for Chemicals not reaching their target tissues may be one or more of the following:

- Improper digestion or UDF – this will deprive glands of raw materials;

- The corresponding stimulating chemical or hormone from the controlling gland is not available (e.g. releasing hormones of the hypothalamus to the posterior pituitary or absence of order from the pituitary gland to the thyroid gland ) etc.

- The organ or gland may not be receiving proper supply of blood

- The organ may not be receiving proper stimulation.

- (UDF stands for appearance of undigested food in stools)

In Neurotherapy we use different methods:

- By applying pressure at specific points for a fixed time and in appropriate sequence - the blood supply to specific organs are increased or diverted.

- Stimulating certain glands by means of short jabs, or by massaging or stretching certain parts or muscles of the body.

Neurotherapy does not cure symptoms alone; it attacks the root cause.

First of all digestion is rectified and the stomach is set by tackling UDF problem. Then treatments are given to eradicate pain in the respective pain points of LMNT. To dissolve clots Heparin treatment is given.

By these methods, the organ or gland which was not functioning properly will start functioning properly and the disease is eradicated.

The nervous system of the intestines is called as enteric nervous system.

There is no time limit. Cure depends upon the condition, history and complexity of the disease. But changes can be observed in 20-30 sittings.

Importance - Our brain has 100 billion neurons which produce 12 major chemicals by which the various activities of the body are coordinated. There are neurons in the intestines also which produce the same chemicals as produced by the brain. But there only 100 million neurons in the brain, so the chemicals produced in the intestines are much less in quantity.

There is an arrangement of capillaries called Blood brain barrier, which prevents entry of other chemicals or medicines into the brain. In disorders of the brain, the brain does not function normally. Insufficient production of any of the chemicals of the brain, causes disorders of the central nervous system. Then we stimulate the nervous system of the intestines through LMNT and thus set right the diseases of the brain.

For example, in Parkinson’s disease, the brain is unable to produce dopamine. Then we stimulate the intestines, which will produce dopamine in smaller quantity, which gives some relief to the patient. By and by the glands start functioning better; thus the function of the brain also starts improving and thus the patient gets a substantial improvement.

This statement is very true and it is the secret for the success of LMNT.

In allopathy, the names of the diseases are related to their symptoms. When a group of symptoms appear at the same time and in many patients, then it is given a particular name of a disease. This is so, because when the doctors discuss among themselves, the common name helps them to recollect all the symptoms associated with the disease - so that they can prescribe the appropriate medicine easily.
In Allopathy the relief brought about is mainly symptomatic. The treatment stops after relieving the symptoms, which does not correct the situation. In LMNT, we rectify the functioning of the organs/glands of the body which removes the root cause of the problem. The emphasis is not on eradicating the symptoms alone.
Whatever be the name of the disease, all the diseases are caused due to improper functioning of only a handful of organs/glands of the body. And it is this root cause i.e., - the malfunctioning of one or more of the glands/organs - which manifests in different persons as different symptoms.
Again, the same person may have different symptoms on different days; but closer investigation will reveal that the root cause is one and the same, i.e., malfunctioning of one or more of a handful of organs.
This can be understood by the following example. If food is not digested properly in the stomach, then the patient may get headache on one day, or he may pass gas on another day, or he may have loose motions or vomit or he may experience burning sensation in the chest. Or he may experience several of these symptoms on the same day even.
Going by the nomenclature (name), headache is termed as migraine, passing of gas is called flatulence, loose motions as diarrhea, chest burning sensation as acidityand so on; and for each symptom different medicines will be prescribed. Though the symptoms are different - their root cause is the same i.e., indigestion. Therefore the treatment given in LMNT to treat indigestion, will eradicate all the above symptoms. This is the uniqueness of LMNT. Symptomatically it seems there are 4 different disorders, but by curing one root cause, we not only prevent a relapse of these 4 symptoms, but also prevent the possibility of other associated diseases.
Based on the same logic, we can understand why for the same person with a particular disease, different treatments may be given on different days.
LMNT treatment improves the functioning of the body organs. After each day’s treatment the constitution of the body changes from the previous day. This is the reason why a different treatment based on the pain points of that day may be needed the next day.

There is no necessity to kill the virus orbacteria by medicines. Our body possesses this power. There are millions of viruses in our environment and newer strains are being constantly discovered; so killing a few of them by medicines is not going to solve the problem.

When a person’s body is invaded by a virus or bacteria, the real problem is not the virus or bacteria; the root cause is the lowering of immunity in the body. All that we require to do is to strengthen the immunity.

This cannot be achieved by medicines. Antibiotics which are given to kill the bacteria, not only kill harmful bacteria but they also attack those helpful bacteria which are necessary for the body; thus lowering the body’s immunity all the more.

For example, if we are asked to shorten a line without erasing any portion of it, then what should we do? Drawing a bigger line beside the original line will make it appear shorter, isn’t it? This is the same logic adopted while formulating treatment for bacterial or viral infection by LMNT.

Strengthening of the body’s immune system can be best done by the body only. Our body has many cells which release powerful chemicals that are capable of destroying the external pathogens e.g. natural killers, gamma globulins, immuno globulins, interleukins etc. Apart from this, the thymus gland, spleen and lymph nodes have special WBC’s called lymphocytes which are responsible for the body’s immunity. In LMNT, we stimulate the appropriate glands so that our body’s immune system is strengthened. So no bacteria or virus can bring harm to the body. The important point is that all this is done without destroying the helpful bacteria of the body. This is how LMNT is successful in curing viral/bacterial diseases.

Except for vitamin K B12 and folic acid, no other vitamin is synthesized by the body. So, the deficiency of vitamins can be rectified only by consuming food rich in such vitamins. But mere consumption of food rich in vitamins and nutrients is not enough. What is more important is that food should be digested properly and absorbed by the body. Only when they are properly absorbed can vitamins A, B12, D, K etc can be stored in the liver.

The hormones in our body are produced from three basic raw materials i.e., cholesterol, tyrosine amino acid and proteins. And for these to be properly produced, digestion of food is of utmost importance.

If there is UDF, it means proteins are not being digested properly. In absence of raw materials, some hormones and enzymes may not be produced in the desired quantities. Easily identifiable symptoms of poor digestion are : pain in ‘Gas’ point, or cuts in the tongue etc. Vitamin tablets or hormonal supplements cannot rectify the digestive system. So the body cannot make proper use of these supplements, in the absence of the required hormones and enzymes, even though the person is consuming vitamin tablets.

Rectifying the digestive system is the hallmark of LMNT. This is why LMNT is able to cure diseases due to nutritional or vitamin deficiency, without administering any medicines.

Based on deep understanding of the working of Mother Nature, Dr. Mehra explains that important chemicals are produced at two or more places in the body as a survival mechanism, to ensure that death does not occur from lack of a chemical due to malfunction of the organ which is primarily responsible for producing that chemical. Though the quantity of chemical produced at the alternative site may be less, it is sufficient for survival till the main organ resumes its function.

For instance, erythropoietin and heparin are two indispensable chemicals without which survival will be at stake. Erythropoietin is necessary for production of RBC’s, while hewparin is necessary for preventing unanted blood clots. Therefore the production of these chemicals takes place by two or more organs so that if any one organ is not functioning properly then the other organ will produce these chemicals till the main organ becomes normal so that death is prevented.

Erythyropoietin – 85 % of it is produced in the kidneys and 15% in liver. The function of this chemical is to stimulate the bone marrow to produce RBC. In case of kidney malfunction, non-production of RBC will cause deprivation of Oxygento all the organs of the body, finally leading to death. During such time we stimulate the liver by LMNT technique, to produce erythropoietin but in smaller quantity so that it will sustain activity till the kidneys take over.

Heparin – 85 % by the lungs and liver; the remaining 15% is produced in each every cell of the body. Lack of heparin will result in clots in the arteries and veins which may lead to ischemia and ultimately death.

Apart from these two chemicals, Dopamine, Serotonin, Norepinephrine and other neurotransmitters are produced mainly in the brain and to a small extent in the intestines and other places. Though these chemicals are not necessary for survival, they are essential for coordination of functions of different glands and organs.

When there is a shortage of chemicals from the brain, as in brain diseases, we stimulate the intestines and have been able to bring a temporary relief till the function of the brain gets improved and it starts producing the necessary chemicals.

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