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Welcome to Neurotherapy Wellness Center

"LMNT " Neurotherapy, "Nadi Mardan Kriya" is an ancient Indian rehabilitative therapy based on the vedic principles & philosophy. This natural healing therapy deals with nerves, muscles, joints and blood & lymphatic channels. Authorities in the field believe that the body is co-ordinated by three different humors or energy forces as Vata (air) pitta (bile) and kapha(water).

About Ramgopal Parihar

Founder & President of the Federation of Neurotherapy

Lajpat rai Mehra's

Founder of Neurotherapy

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Is it just the latest yoga marketing hype? After all, isn’t all yoga therapeutic by nature.
Therapeutic Yoga is a blend of restorative yoga, gentle yoga, breathwork, hands-on healing, and guided meditation techniques combined in such a way that makes it an excellent choice for those who need a gentle yet effective practice for bringing the body into balance.
Psychotherapy refers to a range of treatments that can help with mental health problems, emotional challenges, and some psychiatric disorders.
Occupational therapy is a client-centred health profession concerned with promoting health and well being through occupation. The primary goal of occupational therapy is to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday life.
Speech and language therapy provides treatment, support and care for children and adults who have difficulties with communication, or with eating, drinking and swallowing.
Neurotherapy, also called neurofeedback (NFB), EEG biofeedback, or brainwave training is a type of alternative therapy, more specifically a type of biofeedback that uses realtime displays of electroencephalography (EEG) to illustrate brain activity.

About Neurotherapy

"LMNT" neurotherapy is a complete system of healing, incorporating mechanical, psychological, bio-force, and biochemical aspects. it discovers the root cause of the disease and treats the same in an integrated manner.
The initial consultation involves taking the total health history of the patient. If necessary, a further series of questions are asked to the patient. A visual analyze is carried out by examining the eyes, color of the tongue, nails, skin, etc.

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