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Our country has a large labour force. Dr. Mehra envisages rightly that if the youth of rural India could be given proper training they could be gainfully employed to spread this therapy in all tehsils and right upto the grass roots level. Hence our goal is to train as many youngsters of either sex as possible, so that within a reasonably short period a number ofLMNT centers can be set up all over India, to bring speedy relief to the masses. To this effect, from 1999, he has been approaching various social organisations to send eligible candidates.

Several organisations responded to Dr. Mehra's clarion call for sending students for Training at the Academy at Suryamal.Among these are SevaBharati; the Madhya Pradesh Government under MPRLP scheme; ShriMaaSharadaRashtriyaSewaSamiti (SMSRSS) Delhi; Srishti, Punjab&West Bengal (WB); VivekanandaSevaBharati,WB etc.

To make the training effective and to make proper use of the trained personnel, the following additional techniques have beenadopted

  • Students who show academic excellence are encouraged to become teachers for subsequent courses, thus providing them employment and a dignified life.
  • Conduction of FREE CAMPS :Students who complete the training and internship are given all possible support, so that they may successfully run LMNT centers in their respective towns / villages.Such support involves helping them to conduct free camps in their areas. These camps are very popular with the public and have met with tremendous success. The phenomenal results obtained in these camps have to be seen to be believed. In addition, they serve to motivate the fresh trainees and boosts up their morale.

After learning the techniques at Dr. Mehra’s Ashram/Academy, these students run their own centres where LMNT techniques are the SOLE mode of treatment. These centers are run either with the help of socially-minded organisations such as SevaBharathi or, by the students themselves, independently and without any involvement – financially – fromDr. Mehraor his team of teachers.

Success stories of how this therapy benefits villagers can be seen in the following link of the MP government:

  • However,whenever the students require any form of technical assistance in treating patients of specific disorders, Dr. Mehra or his senior teachers are always ready to help out. Since the basic points are already known to the students, it is sufficient that suggestions are given on phone – which is done free of charge. In serious cases, Dr. Mehra or his senior teachers may visit any centre at the express invitation of a student or any patient. Usually the patient or other philanthropists takes care of the expenses involved. In exceptional cases, Dr. Mehra does not hesitate to foot the bill himself, too!
  • Dr. Mehra has been treating patients at a nominal charge at the clinic in Bandra, Mumbai, from 1986 onwards. The number of patients treated, in the last three decades, is > 70,000.

Except for his private clinic in Bandra, Mumbai, all other centres run independently without any financial benefit to Dr. Mehra.

The Ashram/Academy is situated in 11 acres of mountain land in a vanwasi area. All activities relating to spread of Neurotherapy in is primarily funded by Dr. Mehra from his earnings at the Bandra clinic. Of late, some donations are received from a handful of the past students and well-wishers. These are eligible for tax deduction under Sec. 80G.

Both Ashram and Academy have separate PAN Nos. AAATD 4709 M / AAATD 6575F

  • Most importantly, in case of patients of disorders where the treatment is to be given for a number of months or years, the technique adopted is that certain treatments are taught to the parents or relatives and they are encouraged to give the treatments at home. The motto here being, welfare of patients takes top priority; personal gains take a second place.
  • Treatments which are taught to relatives fall under two categories –
    • Supportive treatments in addition to those given at the clinic
    • Stand-alone treatments where the patient is unable to come to the clinic regularly.

Such disorders include

  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Motor Neuron Disorders
  • Major and minor thalessemias
  • Paralysis
  • Mentally challenged children
  • HIV/AIDS patients
  • Autism, ADHD, Hyper active children
  • Cancer patients
  • Wilson's Disease
  • Fanconi Syndrome etc

Needless to say that in all these diseases, patients experience an improved sense of well-being after Neurotherapy treatment, which is not always so with medicinal therapies.

Extent of Geographical area covered and target population benefitted.

Trained and motivated by Dr. LajpatraiMehra, there are more than 650 centres in 24 states, and the number of beneficiaries is more than 6 lakhs. This therapy has been instrumental in providing self-employment to at least 2500 to 3000 persons, who are treating patients through Neurotherapy, without use of medicines or instruments of any kind.

From Jammu in the North à à à to Kanyakumari in the South;

From Assam and Meghalaya in the Eastà à to Mumbai in the West.

At State level : Except for Nagaland, Sikkim, AP, Goa and Kerala, LMNT centers are in operation in 24 states; IN Punjab, West Bengal,North East States and Tamil Nadu, many centres are being run under the guidance of SevaBharati, a non-profit organisation, .

At Districtlevel : At least one centre may be found in some important districts in Punjab, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.Several centres are functioning in remote and backward villages of Madhya Pradesh.

Number of persons benefitted till date: > six lakhs

Break-up Summary :

Maharashtra (between the years 1980 -2011) Not less than 100,000 persons

(the major contributor being Dr. Mehra's clinic at Bandra&the ashram at Suryamal)

Rest of India – through 650 centers all over the country:(2001-2011)

More than five lakhs *** (Details in Annexure # 6) In Tiruppur, Renuka Devi, a blind lady,has been successfully treating people at an LMNT centre in Tiruppur, South India, from 2003 till date. Though not well-educated, she is able to make a decent living, by practicing this therapy alone. We hope this will serve as an example for organizations working for the blind, to motivate more blind people to learn this therapy and earn a decent living.
Contact Renuka :'Res: 09788715416, clinic 09842262580.

Reports from various agencies

View patient interviews in a Survey by AIESEC participants fromEgypt& Slovakia

http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ramlmnt&suggested_categories=29%2C28&page=2Explanation in Page 11

LMNT centre successfully running in IVYHospital, Mohali.Photos Annexure # 10b

Testimonials and letters from &by eminent Doctors See photosAnnexure #10c

Testimonials and letters from &by eminent Doctors See photosAnnexure #10c

Feedback reports from various centres from patientsall over the country shows that they are very much satisfied with the treatment. A majority have expressed the desire that this therapy should spread throughout the country.

Most important among these are parents of children suffering from Muscular Dystrophy, and mentally challenged children. Most have seen a ray of hope in the efficacy of this therapy


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