Neurotherapy is a veritable break-through in the world of healing!

It has its roots in a very old therapy of ancient India, which has been revamped and revived by the efforts of Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra of Mumbai, India, who is the founder of this unique technique.


All living beings, possess an innate capacity to lead a disease-free existence provided they receive timely and appropriate nourishment.

The human being, like all other living beings, is no exception to this natural rule. By and large, ALL organs and glands can perform their respective functions properly, provided they receive adequate blood supply, oxygen and nutrients.

"Disease", as the name itself denotes, means "dis"-"ease" or "not at ease". Improper blood supply to an organ deprives it of essential nutrients, causing it to malfunction. Since the functions of all organs are inter-dependent, it is quite easy to understand that malfunction of one organ will progressively lead to a 'cascade' effect. If steps are not taken to rectify this state of events, by restoring the disturbed blood supply to the defective organ, it progressively culminates in a state of disease.

How the therapy works

The underlying principle behind Neurotherapy is that organ(s) can be activated or deactivated, through pressure or massage on selected areas or nerve channels. This results in an alteration in the circulation of blood, lymph & other body fluids and/or nerve currents.

The therapy focuses at eliminating the root cause of a disorder. Though it does provide symptomatic relief, its total effect is to bring about a feeling of over-all well-being.

It works on the principle of diverting blood circulation to the diseased areas, by applying pressure at strategic locations on the body, for a specified period and for a specific number of times, in a pre-determined sequence, as laid out by Dr. Mehra. By doing so, it has been observed that the performance of the affected glands or organs improves and all body functions improve dramatically.

The uniqueness of this therapy lies in the fact that it brings miraculous results without recourse to medicines.